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From Baixada Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, is a Brazilian singer and composer.  Roberto Lara uses this region as his theme for poetic-musical landscape in almost all his artwork. In his work there is a great mix where the various rhythmic Brazilian musical genres live and related to what is happening in the word musically.

Roberto Lara has released three CDs and has a fourth in the mixing stage.

His first three CDs, in the order of release are Tomando de Assalto (Taking the Assault) "Roberto Lara Em Casa" (Roberto Lara at Home) and "O Homem Invisivel," (The Invisible Man) Roberto recorded all his own songs, eventually collaborating with various musical partners.

In the last CD - nearing completion-titled "Filosofia e Prontidão," (Philosophy of Readiness).  Roberto acts only as an interpreter, recreating songs from Brazilian composer Noel Rosa.  We are proud be a distribution partner with Roberta Lara for "Roberto Lara Em Casa" and "O Homem Invisivel."


Invisible are all phenomena and social actors that, so exposed and public, becoming routine and natural. Banal, prosaic, seem the order of things "since the world began." 
They are the victims of everyday life, battered women in the name of "honor," children raped in the name of a destitute lust of another, on behalf of gays ridiculed machismo triumphant, blacks discriminated against in the name of an epidermal pride, poor defiled the service elevator.
 Or, the peripheries of metropolitan regions, freelancers, underemployed or underpaid who inhabit homes where the water drips little, potholed streets and neighborhoods without basic sanitation.

As they migrate to work in transport crowding precarious and rare.
 How many from vans, buses and vans that use, are paradoxically clandestine masses, so vital to the metropolis, proliferating, but invisible, anonymous, secondary symbolical.