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Otavio Segala was born in Santa Maria (RS) Brazil He Started playing the acoustic guitar at the age of 18 (1981). In that same period he got a part in, and won a school literary contest. He also took part in several Brazilian regional, and students music festivals, and soon started performing his original compositions.

In (1983) he moved to Porte Alegre, Brazil. Here he composed the music and text performance "O Composer"(The Composer), which included unpublished texts by Luis Fernando Verissimo. This work was also released in 1983

In (1985), his first songs were composed and recorded. At the end of 1996 he moved to Tokyo, Japan. While in Tokyo he was hired to perform at the prestigious "Sabath Tokyo", a house of Brazilian and other international shows. During the same period in Brazil, the singer Angela Jobim recorded a CD with three songs by Otavio Segala, and one of them entitles the CD, "Corpo de Palicada".

In 1998 he moved back to Brazil and began collecting a repertoire to his own first CD.

In 2001 he was invited to perform at the Alturas Cultural Center in Karlsruhe, Germany. There he took part in the "Brazilian Week" having become an extremely popular performer during his stay. During this period he selected his repertoire for his first CD which was recorded in Brazil and was titled "A Bossa do Samba". This work was supported and sponsored by the Secretaria de Cultura de Porto Alegre (Cultural Secretary of the city of Porto Alegre), Brazil 2003. In this same year he moved to Rio de Janeiro and performed a presentation of called "Pitada Brazileira" in the famous "Vinicius Bar". This performance became a very successful venture for Otavio Segala.

In 2005 he moved back to Porte Alegre, Brazil and there performed at several cultural venues and theatres…

In 2006 he debuted the concert "Mokambo" at Teatro Mucio de Castro, in the city of Passo Fundo, RS, Brazil.

In 2008 his second CD "Mokambo" was recorded featuring the singer Marianna Leporace (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), and the musician Alessandra Kramer (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil).

We are proud to be a partner of Otavio Segala and Berbel in the promotion and distribution of this amazing musical work.