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Composer, singer, cultural producer. Marko, like most other brilliant musicians, came from a musical family. His father also played guitar and provided Marko with his first inspirations. In 1975 he studied music theory at the Conservatory "Carminha Alonso." In 1982, he studied theory and guitar with maestro Joaquim Fragelli. Two years later, he completed his training of Brazilian guitar music.

In 1996, with Tim Rescala, he majored in music for theater. That same year, he studied at the UERJ (University of Rio de Janeiro) taking courses and extensive studies in art history, cultural anthropology. Marko coordinated with Darcy Ribeiro and Cecilia Conde within the (Program for special edcation). Production was provided by the Cultural Secretary of the State of Rio de Janeiro. Marko also Worked as the Coordinator of Cultural Diffusion, for the Superintendent of Special Projects ESS RJ (Secretary of Educaton Rio de Janeiro).


In 1978, he recorded his first music, "Modern City" in partnership with Euclides Amaral, and played by Jorge de Souza, for the label JPLeal discs. On this compact double, he participated in playing guitar and making the arrangements. This album was produced by Jorge Paiva, Ivan Euclides Amaral and Batista. This work was in the finalists of the first "Song Festival of the Military Club", held in May 1978. That same year, he composed with the musical direction of Euclides Amaral (letters), the songs for the play "Portrait of Women". This show stared Marcia Eliza and Jorge Guedes, and toured several theaters in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

In 1981, he joined the group pressure cooker, which brought together musicians, poets, songwriters, actors and playwrights. Between 1982 and 1984 as part of that group, he participated in theater direction with Armando Gonzaga, in the suburbs of Hermes. After that time, he was experienced at musical direction, and had set several pieces to music; "Patchwork" Kalu of Albuquerque and "Pranks," by Raymond Leon Mattos, directed by Sidney Cross.

In 1982, alongside Carlos Shoe, Sidney Cruz, Euclides Amaral and Osmar's Cabooses (gaff), Marko presented the musical "Experiences - Bar Brazil" in the theater of the SESC Madureira. The following year he joined the cast of the musical "Labyrinth of Water" and "drummondii", both with the group Pressure Cooker. These shows were performed in several venues in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

In the 1990s, he worked as a producer, alongside Celso Matos and the Orchestra and Choir of Petrobras. During this period, Marko organized the "Festival of the Interior" in Lapa, for the State Department of Education of Rio de Janeiro. In 1999 he participated in the CD "Rio Connection" by "Seal Live Fish", playing "City" (with Sergio Lupper). This album, produced by Euclides Amaral and Paulo Renato included a presentation by Ricardo Cravo Albin. In the same disc, the singer played "Ceiça Moon Comparsa" by "Rubens Cardoso and Cunha Amaral. Also on this CD Alexandra Pilot sang" Silent Night " with Delson, Jr., Henry Silva and Sidney Cruz. In 2000, Euclides Amaral produced for the label "Brazilian Guitar" the CD "Rio Connection 2".
In this CD, the critically acclaimed Ricardo Cravo Albin, participated by playing two songs, "Village" and "Strategy of the wolf" with Joey RR.

In 2001, together with Euclides Amaral, Marko produced his first album "Urban Villages", which was released by "Brazilian Guitar", and included "by leaps and bounds" with Dang and Jorge Jênesis Genúncio. The "Urban Villages" CD included the special participation of George Dang. George's other compositions include "Navigator of the Stars" and "Candles". The album featured arrangements and Trumpet by Charlie Gilson Mendonça, and was released in April of 2001 in the "House's on the Streets", cultural space by Amir Haddad in Lapa, downtown Rio de Janeiro. The show was directed and written by Euclides Amaral with the special participation of Carlos Dafé. That same year, he appeared on the TV show "The man from Rio" and participated in the show "2nd Night Musicality of Black" with Darci's Jongo, Village Band, Luiz Carlos and Charlie Drums Trumpet, among others.

In 2002, alongside Carlos Dafé, Eliane Faria, Lucius Sherman, Rubens Cardoso, Claudio & Cristina Latini, Pece Ribeiro, he participated in the album "Rio 3 Connection". This album was produced by Euclides Amaral. On this CD, the poet and lyricist, Sergio Nature, played "Bass Drum Ritual" with Joey RR and "Night" with Euclides Amaral. Also included on this CD was Marko's original "I want you to take me" with Rubens Cardoso and Cunha Amaral. This one of his songs was sung by Rubens Cardoso and Cunha Amaral. Another song from this CD "Done seed" was written with Euclides Amaral and Cacaso, and performed by singer Edir Silva. Another wonderful piece, "Windmills" was written by Marko and Euclides Amaral, Xico Chaves, and Martha Loureiro. Also in 2008, sponsored by Gerson King Combo, Marko performed at the SESC Copacabana show "The night of the Rio Negro music" by Lucius Sherman. That show was part of "Project New Song" ,and had been written and directed by Sergio, Euclides Amaral, and Nature. In 2003 the CD "Who are the new MPB?", A collection produced by Lucius Sherman, Marko was included with his original "I want you to take me", sung by Rubens Cardoso e Cunha Amaral. That same year, his show was recorded by "SESI SESC Network TV". Gerson King Combo and Lucio Sherman at SESC Copacabana were included in the project schedule. The Sounds of Brazils Ritimos spent a week on the air. With such succsess the label reissued the album Live Fish "Connection Rio 3, "which included four bonus tracks.

In 2003 Marko appears shares Zeze Motta in the SESC Show "Solidarity" in connection and with the direction of Tijuca Caike Botikai Jaluza, and Barcelos. Later in 2008 Markus makes a cameo in the new show, along with the MPB, Carlos Dafé.

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